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Focal Elear – An Amazing Headphone that you can own

$999.00 (as of April 28, 2017, 6:23 am)

Focal ELEAR High-Fidelity Open Back Over Ear Headphone
Elear have proven to be audiophile open-backed headphones produced in France by Focal. Motivated via the best technology and acoustic research that entered coming up with Utopia, our primary headphones, they provide genuinely outstanding overall performance.

The mechanical style offers amazingly sleek and smooth style with the solid aluminium yoke. Furthermore they include memory foam ear cushions for optimum ease and comfort, a vital top quality for lengthy listening sessions.

Eventually, the unique speaker drivers with the aluminium/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes allow Elear to deliver amazingly realistic sound. Be motivated by the sound of the high-fidelity system by having a pair of Elear headphones, for many hours of listening pleasures.

Developed and produced in France and designed with unique technologies brought on by more than 35 numerous years of competence.

  • Open back circum-aural headphones focused on low noise environments
  • High-fidelity pair of headphones showcasing wide range loudspeakers made from Aluminum-Magnesium “M” shape dome
  • Mechanical style offering a full compatibility to any morphology
  • Balanced cable with channels separation for quick and simple custom-made solutions (bi-amp)

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Focal Elear – An Amazing Headphone that you can own

To have a dedicated quality headphones, you should be an intensive audiophile. But purchase a $1,000 for a pair? At this point, “serious” is definitely an exaggeration. For such devoted consumers, Focal, the French audio company, features their own Elear ($999) and Utopia ($3,999) over the top studio headphones. There Focal’s first high quality headphones which is designed to match the clarity and the soundstage (i.e., the detail in the sound – a larger soundstage can make it sound like you are enjoying a concert on a live venue) from the hi-fi loudspeakers the company is much better recognized for. Do they hold up?

Focal Elear have been producing sound system since ’80s, but headphones tend to be more recent to the brand. The firm introduced its initial pair in 2012, and, currently, they have never produced nearly anything as high-class as the Elear and Utopia. The two headphones have got open backs, a style feature which allows air flow and sound to pass more openly effectively creates the soundstage of the live venue. (Rather than more usual, closed-back headphones, much like your ANC ones, good for obstructing outside noise.)

The Utopias are the initial headphones created using 40mm beryllium dome drivers, just like those seen in the ~$220,000 Grand2 Utopia EM loudspeakers. The Elear headphones were created just like the Utopias, with similar M-shaped drivers, but they’re made using an aluminum-magnesium alloy. It isn’t rather “reference quality,” but few besides the remarkably tuned audiophile should be able to determine a real difference. (And, for $3,000 less, your bank account may well let you know there’s no distinction.)

Focal Elear headphones will open up a new life in your Tidal playlist, and, like all high-end studio headphones with a 1/4-inch jack, you would want a high-end external DAC/amp to fit. I’ve been in a kick for Billy Joel and also the Boss – two performers that sound best live, for me – and that’s where Focal Elear truly stand out. They’ve got a lower impedance (80 ohms) and high sensitivity (104 dB/1 mw), and so the clarity and magnificence of “Downeaster Alexa” and “Rosalita” caused the songs come to life, really. This rock band, vocals and crowd noise were from all directions, as well as the drivers, by their 5Hz to 23,000Hz frequency response, didn’t have issue dealing with Billy and Bruce’s full-range of bass, mids and treble.

Focal Elear headphones

Regardless of the headphones with a weight of almost one pound (450 grams), they’re amazingly comfy. The microfiber cups are luxurious and fit around the ear, and also the leather headband is quite a nice touch. Pair these with a quiet room and leather chair, with an hour-long listening session turns into a trance-like encounter.

Focal Elear headphones

So, is it worth their cost? $999 still is much more than lots of people spend on their own monthly rent, and those distinctly “at-home” headphones. For the high quality listening encounter, however, the Elears sound almost identical – and also a third of the cost – to Focal’s Utopias, which CNET heralded as probably the “world’s best headphones.” To stay in that range, $1,000 is a small price to pay.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    At $999 compared to Focal Utopia (considered by Cnet as the best headphone there is- but for a hefty price of around $3000), this is a steal. Too Amazing to own it!

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