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Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone, Luxe Edition – Black

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A total update of Beats’ most widely used model, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 headphones offer improved acoustics, a broader selection of sound, that was superior clarity for the music in your iPhone, iPad, or ipod device. Additionally they deliver increased comfort because of an efficient, lightweight, and sturdy design.

Fine-tuned acoustics for clearness, breadth and balance

Streamlined the perception of a custom-fit

Durable and foldable so that you can bring them on-the-go

Take calls and control music with RemoteTalk cable

What’s in the box:

  • Beats Solo2 on-ear headphone
  • RemoteTalk cable
  • carrying case
  • Please refer the User Guide before use

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Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone

The Beats Solo 2 headphones dominate in the Beats Solo HD, a massively popular group of on-ear headphones that is a defining indication of the popularisation of costly headsets.

We thought the previous models were pretty poor, but Beats makes a considerable advancements on the sound quality this time around. These still aren’t headphones for audio enthusiasts, nevertheless clean styling and a few smart design moves mean they’re to continue the pattern of success.


The Beats Solo 2 are essentially like the Beats Solo HD within their design. These are largely plastic, fold-up headphones which have one eye on style, another on portability.

Thankfully, these priorities operate in harmony, meaning there isn’t any feeling of a mix-eyed designer being behind the Solo 2. Looks-wise, they undertake the majority of the design tweaks observed in the 2014 Beats Studio.

During these new models, the appearance is curvier, rather less severe compared to ‘classic’ Beats style. There is not a great visual gulf between these and also the old Solo HD, but we believe this latest look will probably prove readily available to some wider age bracket. For that more youthful (or even more exuberant) Beats buyer, the Beats Solo 2 headphones can be found in some very loud shades too the Beats-classic red-on-black, and white-colored.

What’s been admirable concerning the Beats Solo headphones up to now is they never stuck out too much out of your mind. So even if you attract a little bit of attention due to the logo and design, there isn’t a absurd-searching headband drawing any gazes.

This is also true now, so that as usual the stems from the headband fold inward to help make the Beats Solo2 wired simpler to stash inside a bag if not worn.

Beats has put some effort into making these headphones as functional as they can, too. The combo of the rubber-capped headband, lightweight and mid-firm headband tension mean you are able to put on the Beats Solo 2 out running without one falling your head.

And, better, these headphones have the best noise isolation within their class. Beats has tweaked the style of the pads just a little within this pair, giving the outer coating more definition, which might help to make the seal together with your ear a little better. Regardless, both Solo 2 and Solo HD both offer great noise isolation which makes light work from the noise from the city and trains and buses.

This can be a huge asset, anyone on-ear headphones rarely get as right. As the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, for instance, sound better, their noise isolation is a great deal.

There’s a caveat for this praise, though. Many people can’t stand grippy headphones, so we did discover that they cause discomfort for glasses-wearers after an hour or so approximately useful, because the pads push your ears back to the arms of the specs.

We think the fake leather utilized in the Solo 2 isn’t as soft or effective as those of the older Solo HD. But it’s reasonably high-grade stuff as-is.

Another little design win for that Beats Solo 2 may be the removable cable. It connects to a typical 3.5mm socket around the left earcup, and also the standard colour-matched cable includes a fairly standard three-button remote for iOS devices.


This past year, i was not very nice towards the Beats Solo HD. Their muddy sound is a significant failure, mainly in the light of the massive success.

Beats makes significant enhancements using the Beats Solo 2, towards the extent it has created a collection that’s a good buy for some buyers.

The bassy focus remains – it’s the phone card from the Beats series – however the contours from the frequency response happen to be difficult to steer clear of the sound from becoming too murky, as frequently happens with lesser bassy headphones.

Beats seems to possess localised the bass bump more intensely within the Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone, pushing it further lower the number to prevent the type of low-mid-range thickness that clutters in the sound from the Solo HD. However, if you’re not into artificially bass-heavy earphones.

The reduced-finish remains a limelight-stealer, and lacks the timing and control to warrant its bulk. However this time the result is sort of nearer to cranking up a house cinema subwoofer, instead of arriving the bass dial on the vehicle stereo – it’s less muddying this time around.

The Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone are by no means suitable for close or critical listening, though, particularly with rock music where bass isn’t just a rhythmic device (because it is in dance music) however a relatively constant melodic/harmonic presence (i.e. a bass guitar). In such cases, the amount that the reduced-finish is emphasised too clearly unsettling.

Yet again showing their portable focus, the Beats Solo 2’s unbalanced bass becomes significantly less apparent when you are walking around because the rumbles produced from your body’s movements change your thought of headphones’ low-finish. This isn’t something specific to Beats, however the effect is much more apparent with sets with greater isolation.

The Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone do match the chunky bass having a obvious and smooth treble, though, and also the soundstage is quite great for some on-ear headphones. Oversized bass doesn’t help headsets obtain a spacious sound, but stereo imaging and also the width from the sound is fairly good here.

Beats is constantly improving its headphones, and also the Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone are superior to the Solo HD inside a couple of respects. However, the ongoing bass-centric approach limits their appeal among fans of excellent sound.

Beats Solo2 Wired Headphone

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