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The Legendary Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Probably the most famous American guitar manufacturers is PRS Guitars. PRS Guitars has its own headquarters in Stevensville, MD, and it was founded by Paul Reed Smith, whose initials make up the namesake of the organization.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars concentrate on high-finish various guitars, and they’re renowned for their own tone. These were initially designed for the typical guitarist, however their status is continuing to grow such that they have become a collectors products.

The guitars themselves are constructed with mahogany wood (therefore, the legendary sustain), with the majority of the guitars getting a walnut top. Paul Reed Smith Guitars are renowned for their highly figured tops, including quilt walnut, flame walnut, and figured walnut designs. The necks are usually made from mahogany too, though some are constructed with Brazilian or Indian rosewood necks. The fingerboards from the guitars, such as the Gibson L’ensemble des Pauls are constructed with rosewood.

The guitars can also be known for his or her signature fret markers, that have moon designs around the lower finish and wild birds around the greater finish. The bird inlays are specifically unique, with every guitar getting nine or ten different bird designs inlays in the appropriate fret. The inlay materials are also from the greatest quality and also have incorporated semi-precious gemstones and materials: abalone laminate, gold, and (based on Wikipedia!) even unearthed ivory in the woolly mammoth (yes the extinct one!).

The tuners of Paul Reed Smith Guitars really are a proprietary model, and a few feature Kluson style tuners from Korea. The guitars have three bridge designs: a wrap over tailpiece, a 1 piece pre-intonation stop tail, and vibrato.

PRS pickups are an in-house design, and are generally wound there. The organization keeps their wire and magnet type construction secret, which will help keep your unique sound from the pickups unique to PRS guitars. They’ve been given many nicknames due to their unique sound and are among the causes of this guitars recognition.

The finishes on these guitars are among their most celebrated features, and they’re achieved via a process referred to as “popping the grain.” Popping the grain is really a comprehensive staining procedure that helps enhance certain elements around the walnut top, passing on a depth that’s unique to PRS Guitars.

paul reed smith guitars

The Single cut PRS Guitar was charged with searching and sounding an excessive amount of just like a Gibson L’ensemble des Paul in 2001, and also the manufacturer of L’ensemble des Paul guitars, Gibson Guitar Corp., filed a trademark violation suit against Paul Reed Smith. A judgement of the lower court was overturned and also the suit was eventually ignored. The Single cut guitar is presently being produced. This continues to be the only incident where a PRS guitar was ever charged with looking or sounding like every other high-finish guitar. The truth inside the guitar community however is when you have one of these simple monsters, you have a significant guitar able to play any style, with style.

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