Paul Reed Smith Guitars – What Makes Them So Great

Paul Reed Smith Guitars – What Makes Them So Great

If you’re a guitarist that has performed for some time, you’ve certainly heard about Paul Reed Smith guitars. They aren’t as generally referred to as Gibson, Fender, Ibanez and a few others, but they’re known among great guitarists, one particularly being Carlos Santana that has used them for many years.


paul reed smith guitars

What exactly makes PRS guitars so excellent that you simply see people like Santana, Al Di Meoloa, Dweezil Zappa, and Dave Navarro playing them?

When Paul Reed Smith Guitars first arrived to the marketplace, these were cream from the crop hands-made guitars which were financially costly to achieve on most musicians. The price tag was several 1000 dollars. This really is most likely the primary reason why they aren’t as common as other popular brands within the mainstream marketplace. However, now they have become affordable for that average music performer, more pickers are learning why is a Paul Reed Smith guitar so excellent. And they are really great.


The greatest factor which makes a Paul Reed Smith Guitars this type of fantastic and distinctive instrument is identical factor which has stored Santana playing them for very long time: SUSTAIN! Carlos Santana may be the king of sustain. He is renowned for holding just one note for a few minutes in the concerts. The Paul Reed Smith guitar helps him do this.

paul reed smith guitars

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Paul Reed Smith builds guitars deliberately to supply more sustain. Obviously, Smith is the sum of the all its parts, however the mahogany back is the reason why the majority of the difference. It enables more resonance than other forest generally utilized in guitars. The mahogany back works with the walnut top to create a guitar whose strings practically keep sounding before muting them.

V12 Finish

Yet another step that Smith requires to make his guitars resonate better is adding his “V12” finish. The V12 finish helps make the guitar look and remain beautiful, and it possesses a feeling the guitar isn’t completely new, but already damaged in. It seems like you’ve been practicing the guitar for a long time.

But V12 does in addition to that: It possesses a sealant that doesn’t hinder resonance. Many guitars have sealers that take from the sound from the wood, however the V12 is powerful enough to safeguard but still permit the guitar to resonate because it should. It keeps the axe making and sounding great.

paul reed smith guitars

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Multi Switch

All that could be enough, but Smith goes even more by helping a person get every variation of sound imaginable. Some Paul Reed Smith Guitars have toggle switches not normally available on other guitars. Additionally towards the normal front, back and middle pickup 5-way toggle switch, some designs include additional switches, volume controls and tone controls that provide enough sound variations to help make the guitar virtually reproduce every other available on the market, and more.

One Paul Reed Smith Guitars is all that you should cover the entire spectrum from Strat to L’ensemble des Paul.

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