Ultrasone Headphones – A Closer Look

Ultrasone Headphones – A Closer Look

Ultrasone AG is really a German company focusing on headphones for studio, DJ, and consumer uses. Ultrasone’s headquarters come in Tutzing, Germany. The org
anization has production facilities in Germany and Taiwan.

Ultrasone AG began in 1991 using the expressed objective to fabricate advanced headphones with a focus on the professional audio sector. An element of numerous Ultrasone headphones is really a proprietary surround-sound simulacrum technology known as S-Logic. The procedure uses decentralized transducer positioning to spread sound within the outer ear so that they can mimic sound heard over loudspeakers. Traditional headphones blast the sound into the ear.Ultrasone Headphones

Since 1999, Ultrasone AG continues to be producing headphones they claim that protect against hearing damage, by using more effective transducers and earcups shielded to lessen radio waves, designated as LE/ULE (Low/UltraLow Emission). Ultrasone boasts that magnetic fields so near to the mind could lead to “listener fatigue” and can be “a possible health riskInch.[2] Based on Ultrasone, their headphones decrease magnetic emissions by as much as 98 percent when compared with other headphones

S-Logic® PLUS

Ultrasone Headphones technology is unique.

Ultrasone invented the inimitableS-Logic® Natural Surround Sound and Ultra Low Emission technologies. Ultrasone headphones integrates safer hearing aspects without neglecting latest technologies. The glory of these aspects is prime for modern day headsets.

S-Logic® Plus may be the latest development within the S-Logic® Natural Surround System, pressing the large S-Logic® soundstage present in our PRO series headphones in the streamlined ear-glasses of select HFI & DJ models (HFI-580, HFI-680, HFI-780, DJ1).

S-Logic® Plus benefits from innovative developments produced for its flagship Edition range, the best headphones for essential listening. This sophisticated new technology combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial parameters to enhance each other within an optimal manner. Therefore the acoustically redesigned ear-glasses of these new models as well as their tonal fine-tuning create a most neutral sound impression with increased vivid thought of voices and instruments.

So how exactly does S-Logic® Natural Surround Sound work?

S-Logic® transmits music around your mind not only in it, as this technology uses decentralized driver positioning. Are you aware that you utilize and want the outer ear for the three-dimensional understanding to define the direction and distance in which a sound originates from? Rather of striking the body directly, with S-Logic® the signals are reflected off the top of outer ear in various directions before entering the auditory canal to produce a natural three-dimensional Sound. S-Logic® may be the only headphone system including your whole feeling of hearing. S-Logic® doesn’t enhance your personal hearing, it intensifies it for the individual needs and listening pleasure. S-Logic® does neither need artificial echo nor digital sound processing or mix over run time delay. Frequency higher the sound just how a sound engineer has mastered it.

S-Logic® doesn’t only produce a Natural Surround Sound sensation. S-Logic® enables simultaneously a discount of sound pressure levels in the eardrum by as much as 40% (three to four dB). This might prevent hearing damage while making certain hrs of fatigue-free listening.

Ultrasone – ULE-technology – (Ultra Low Emission) – MU Metal shielding

Most headphone motorists produce low-frequency magnetic fields because they convert an electric signal in to the acoustical signal that people hear as music. Ultrasone headphones are promoting a unique MU Metal shielding that people call ULE (for Ultra Low Emissions) to lessen this radiation by as much as 98%, when compared with traditional headphones. Fraxel treatments has survived the exam of worldwide review and it is suggested by technical surveillance organizations. Ultrasone initially developed ULE-technology for Professionals, given that they spend 1/2 of their time in headsets.

Electro Mag:

More details about electro magnetic radiation: Electronics emits low/high frequency magnetic/electric radiation, also is known as Electro-Mag. Electro-Mag is assumed to become hazardous to the health. This really is demonstrated by scientific research around the globe. To be able to safeguard health of individuals working inside an electrically enclosed atmosphere, obvious limits concerning the maximum radiation emissions happen to be from time to time defined. For instance within the TCO ’99 for that allowed magnetic emission laptop or computer screens, inside a distance of 30 cm, no more than 200 nT (nanoteslas) may be the upper suggested limit. Strategies for the reduced-frequency magnetic emissions in situation of headsets and earphones continue to be pending or aren’t actually within the focus worth focusing on yet. This really is quite surprising as every user is transporting this very emissive equipment on his mind.

Inside a research of 60 current headsets (1999 – 2000) ULTRASONE discovered, the average magnetic field emission of headsets is much more than 1000 nT having a peak more 2100 nT – typically. This really is greater than four occasions the utmost, suggested for computer screens in TCO ’99i irresponsible cases show more than ten occasions the utmost! The developed and patented ULE-technology from ULTRASONE brings magnetic field emissions of headsets and earphones lower to under 90 nT.

Ultrasone – Safer Hearing

S-Logic® doesn’t only produce a Natural Surround Sound experience.

S-Logic® allows simultaneously a discount of sound pressure levels in the eardrum by as much as 40% (three to four dB). This might prevent hearing damage while making certain hours of fatigue-free listening. However, Ultrasone generally advises not to listen to music at high volumes to avoid hearing damage.

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