Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews – High-End Open Circumaural Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews

We look in towards the HD 598 by having an Onkyo Texas-SR805 receiver, a Schiit Audio Asgard headphone amplifier, as well as an Apple ipod device Classic. The headphone’s {seem|sound} is super clean and it has a large-open sound stage. Tonal balance is a touch better and emits much more treble detail than we have been told by earlier versions of full-size Sennheisers. Nevertheless, it’s an easy headphone to hear over extended listening sessions.


Deep bass around the Sennheisers has huge impact and power, therefore the big drums on

Grizzly Bear’s “Vecktimest”CD sounded fantastic and also the sound stage is exceptionally spacious. The headphone’s open superior will work especially well with movies like “Cairo Time.” When Juliette Grant (Patricia Clarkson) first comes to Cairo, she’s selected up in the airport terminal by her husband’s buddy. Because they drive away, the sounds from the busy city roads encircled us, and also the dialog sounded extremely natural.

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The Sennheiser HD 598 sounds fine with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s live album, “4 Way Street.” The aliveness and clearness from the recording is well maintained through the headphones, but as the HD 598 can enjoy loud with iPods, the drive can always fall a little short for many listeners.

As for these Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews, we wouldn’t suggest the HD 598 to clients who only plan to make use of the headphone by having an ipod device or any other portable music players. Bowers & Wilkins’ similarly priced but smaller sized on-ear P5 headphone is much more dynamic and transparent and it has better bass definition combined with an ipod device, but we much preferred the HD 598’s sound within the P5’s in your own home connected to a receiver or headphone amplifier.

Comparisons with Monster’s Beats Pro full-size headphone easily exhibit precisely how different two headphones can sound. The Beats Pro offers quite a bit more bass punch and treble detail, making for any more “exciting” sound, however the HD 598 is really a better-sounding design. The Beats Pro provides the seem field inside the listener’s mind, as the HD 598 enables the sound better.

We compared the HD 598 with this 10-year-old Sennheiser HD 580 headphones, and also the company’s sound “signature” is obvious on models. The 2 headphones share an enjoyable feeling of clarity along with a smooth frequency response with no overemphasized bass or treble peaks. However the HD 598 has better resolution and detail with increased dynamic existence.

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