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Best Headphone Brands

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Best Headphone Brands

Just like a lot of newcomers on the headphones arena, I originally believed the bigger, the greater. Clearly I had been greatly dissatisfied when I purchased a significant, over-the-ear, neon-colored pair and exposed my own precious ears to shrill, grating noise – and no, it wasn’t the actual Linkin Park album I’d been blowing. After a while, I gradually advanced and started to be an even more discriminating audio gear consumer, finding models and brands to my preference.

However if you simply wish to save your own money avoiding that whole problem of experimenting, the following list touting the best headphones in the industry could be really worth your energy and time.

Not surprisingly, this list includes most of the industry’s big names, which includes Koss, Bose, AKG, and Sony. Meanwhile, brands continually supported by studio geeks and audiophiles alike, which include Sennheiser and Ultasone, scored big.

For whatever it’s worth, and after blowing through countless poor and sloppy headphones, here’s the list of Best Headphone brands.

#Sennheiser Headphones

Whenever you find out the term ‘music’, it is certain that ‘Sennheiser’ is not far behind. The company is well-known for offering a balance among treble and base for an entire audio encounter. Sennheiser delivers the most vibrant and classy headphones of all headphone producers on the planet. All of this without having to break ones bank.

Sennheiser Headphones

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A praiseworthy factor concerning Sennheiser top quality headphones is that you reduce no sound quality off their reasonably priced products. The more expensive variant instead adds an additional layer of ease and comfort along with other user-friendly functions. Sennheiser believes that in giving the finest audio experience for all the music lovers.

The HD 880S is really a suggested opt for even for essentially the most everyday of listeners. With sturdiness, comfort and ease, as well as a light-weight style, the headphones give you a vibrant audio quality and available with a closed-ear padding to restrict noise spills.

Meant for music lovers who exactly enjoy a no strings attached encounter, the RS120 wireless headphone from Sennheiser lets you receive good reception as much as 300 ft away. The quality of the sound is sharp as well as non-intrusive because of the Interference-free technology integrated.

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#Koss Headphone

In 1958, John C. Koss joined with Engr. Martin Lange, Jr. to create a transportable stereo system, a phonograph player with side-wing speakers. The pair proven their new stereo record player in the Wisconsin audio show.

Koss HeadphoneCheck other Koss Headphone Models

Among the product’s improvements had been a privacy switch, that enabled listeners to listen to music by connecting with the world’s first SP/3 Stereophone. The stereophones had been intended as an accessory to exhibit the high-fidelity stereo sound that this portable phonograph player provided.

The newest sound of the Koss SP/3 Stereophone had become the hit of a show.

Since they developed the world’s first SP/3 stereophone way back in 1958, Koss Stereophones have already been bringing back the thrill of the live show. Audio lovers world wide realize that persistence for precision in sound reproduction as The Sound of Koss.

#Bose Headphone

The other leading player in the headphone market that is known globally due to its extreme concert-like sound experience is Bose. The booming audio that Bose headphones produce are generally unparalleled and audiophiles totally agree that when you’ve heard the superior sound quality – there’s no going back!

Bose Headphone

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The prime specifications set by Bose headphones can easily cost in your budget.

To get a well-rounded headphone giving the Bose experience, the Bose SoundTrue II is a superb selection for these music lovers that are looking to experience the sound wherever they go. The cable is removable and offers a tangle free encounter. The SoundTrue II is exceptionally sturdy and will take a great deal of punishment.

Should you want the best mixture of high-class and performance, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is exactly what you’ll need. Designed with exceptional noise-cancellation capabilities, the headphone is completely wireless. Merely slip it to enter a silent world in which the only sound you listen to will be the beat of your favorite playlist.


#Sony Headphone

The existence of Sony within the audio sector is well-known around the globe. For years, Sony continues to be the leader of revolutionary technology behind durable and trendy headphones. Hardly any companies come near to the audio output that Sony produces. There’s a reason why countless followers blindly rely on Sony with their products.

Sony Headphone

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The best seller of Sony’s price range of headphones – The MDRX450AP

The acoustic bass sensed around the MDRX450AP is tough to overpower with this cost range by some other competitor. Sony comes with an in-line microphone set up to guarantee listeners never need to be disrupted off their music to look at an incoming call. The style is light-weight for useful portability.

The audio bass felt within the MDRX450AP is hard to beat at this price range by any other competitor. Sony has an in-line microphone installed to ensure listeners never have to be interrupted from their music to take an incoming call. The design is lightweight for efficient portability.

The juggernaut of Sony’s hefty collection features the wireless MDR1000X/B headphone along with Bluetooth connectivity. Offering Hi-Res audio to totally realize the unique compositions to your favorite artists without needing to miss a particular phone call due to Sony’s built-in Ambient Sound mode.

Investing in a Sony headphone guarantees you of quality service within the unusual case of a defect. In the electronic world, getting a few extra dollars makes it worth while in the long term.


#Utrasone Headphone

Ultrasone is actually a German firm in which brand is identified with the production of excellent sounding and quite often extraordinary looking headphones.

Utrasone Headphone

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Ultrasone features a large range of headsets that’ll be a trusted preference from just about all price points nevertheless its the prime end headphones that this company is generally highly regarded for. You could have your own Ultrasone in virtually any tuning its practically checking out the edition series up until you chose the the one that satisfies your specific tuning preference. Our top would be the amazingly comprehensive and also spacious sounding edition 5 and edition 10 models.

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#Grado Labs Headphones

Grado is among the most favored and simply recognizable brands because of its distinctive open air design along with its uni color styles.

Grado Labs Headphones

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Furthermore all headphones within the Grado brand are black in color which in turn sets it apart from everything else. With regards to design along with ease and comfort, Grado is among the front runners when it comes to headphones and we all can also state that, it is the best headphone brands for gaming that can produce excellent sound at any time and anywhere.

The perfect headphones within the brand include Grado Prestige SR80e, Grado Labs SR125i Grado Prestige SR225e and the Grado PS500.

#Shure Headphones

Shure Professional Headphones provide outstanding audio quality, ease and comfort and renowned Shure sound. Shure headphones may be used along with mobile audio devices, DJ mixers, mixing units, and headphone amps.

Shure Headphones

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The product features headphones for basic listening, home and studio recording, monitoring and DJ mixing:

  • Closed Back Headphones: Professional studio headphones for home and studio recording or monitoring along with hifi use.
  • Open Back Headphones: Offer wide range audio with in depth highs and vibrant bass for mixing, mastering and hi fi use.
  • DJ-Headphones: Optimized for DJing, offering capabilities such as high-output bass and swiveling ear-cups.
  • Listening-Headphones: Optimized for mobile music playing, the on-ear headphones are incredibly light-weight and comfy.
  • CLOSED BACK HEADPHONES can be used for Recording, Live Monitoring and music Listening

#Beats Headphone

Even though Beats is really a brand new player in the music business, their particular progress has reached an exponential rate. Beats produces headphones with plenty of value given to style. The whole catalog of headsets provided by Beats has something funky or perhaps a unique overall look which instantly captures on with the crowd.

Beats Headphone

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With each and every latest release, Beats is going more quickly to turning into the best headphone brand. Consider the Solo 3 for example, with well over Six different colors, the headphone comes with a shiny and envious style. The wireless device is one of many lowest cost wireless headphones on the market and includes around 40 hrs of battery life.

You may choose to activate Siri if you’re an Apple user and accept calls on the run. Listen to your own music how you will want to with on-ear multi-function controls.

In case you prefer mixing up a tune or choosing an acoustic instrumental, you will probably find a friend in the Beats Mixer. The ultra-lightweight and extremely durable headset was created by Beats together with well-known DJ David Guetta. The cool thing about the Mixer headphone is that you could plug the cord at each side, because of the Dual-input feature.


#JBL Headphone

JBL is among the well-known along with best headphone brand worldwide however based on reviews last years it is referred to as a bit controversial brand as they change up the level of the sound in a really reasonable manners.

JBL Headphone

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A variety of them try to be experiencing slighter hand-offs but many of these call for a noteworthy degree of alteration with the brand and this wide variety is seemingly efficient at first but usually crumple just after several months of slipshod use. Nevertheless, there’re maintaining to have a very good heavy bass so enhance or maintain brand at its initial upper level. Lots of work have been carried out and as a result this brand has created its name within the digital market worldwide.


Listening to music on a variety of devices is fast evolving, exactly what does not change would be the need for headphones. While styles and technology has advanced profoundly these days, virtually all brand names have kept pace on this development and produced headphones that match the demands of every one. Choosing headphones isn’t a simple task.

There are lots of things to bear in mind. The type of music you’re listening to, the sort of ease and comfort that you simply expect, the sound quality, the balance of rhythm and bass and numerous additional factors. For that reason choosing a single headphone or one brand is really a challenging task as each includes its very own set of features.

Nevertheless, using this list best headphone brands globally, it is possible to figure out what matches your demand and which brand delivers headphones that will perfectly satisfies your need.

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